Scheduled Maintenance Notification for Mailsac – October 7th 2024

We want to inform you about a scheduled maintenance window set for October 7th between 0600 and 0800 PST (1300 – 1500 UTC). During this period, our team will be conducting a database upgrade to enhance the performance and reliability of our services.

Please note that requests to the REST API and the Web application may fail during this maintenance window. We recommend avoiding making requests to our services during this time to prevent any inconveniences.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Rest assured that we are working hard to minimize the downtime and to continue delivering quality service to all our valued users.

Thank you for choosing Mailsac!

Best, The Mailsac Team

Maintenance Notice: Database Upgrade

Date and Time

Friday May 6th from 13:00 through 14:30 UTC

Expected Downtime

There may be intermittent service interruption while database failover happens (60-120 seconds)

Reason for the Change

Mailsac is upgrading to a larger database cluster to ensure service availability during peak load.

Customer Changes

No customer changes are required.

Maintenance Notice: DNS Provider Change

Date and Time

Saturday April 2nd from 13:30 through 17:30 UTC

Expected Downtime

No downtime is expected.

Reasons for the Change

Mailsac is changing DNS providers to Cloudflare to provide a more resilient SaaS offering.

Customer Changes

No customer changes are required. If you implemented IP based ACLs at the VLAN or border firewall, it is possible these rules may need to be updated. Cloudflare publishes a list of their IP addresses.


Saturday April 2nd 14:33 UTC
DNS has been switched over to use Cloudflare. All validation tests have been completed. We will continue to monitor for issues.