Organize Your Team’s Email Accounts for Testing

Stop using mailing lists, shared inboxes, and GMail aliases for email testing. Things get messy fast, and often they aren’t easily shared with a team.

Use Mailsac for test email accounts. Make private or shared email addresses for each environment and test scenario. It’s disposable mail designed for QA.

Mailsac helps software teams organize their test accounts in 2 steps.

1. Setup a custom domain.
Pick any available subdomain of *
Or, add a few DNS entries and use your existing domain, like

2. Start getting email immediately. You are ready to start testing! No need to create any inboxes.
Send an email to any address at your Mailsac domain.
Then check the mail.

If you want, an email inbox can be saved for reuse.

Add a comment so you and your team can see what that address is used for (“test account with admin role for dev and uat environments”).

Advanced: Catch-All

Enable a catch-all under the custom domain’s settings. It’s useful for one-off signup tests. A Catch-All inbox receives all email sent to a specific domain (for non-reserved addresses).

how to enable a sisposable email catch-all inbox

Now, any email address under your mailsac domain will be routed to the catch-all.

Get Started Receiving Mailsac Email For Free

Public inboxes for any email address are free.

Custom domain plans start at $12 per month, or $10 per month when paid yearly.

We serve small dev shops, financial institutions, and government project teams with the same friendly support.

Advanced Disposable Mail Features

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