Streamline Email Testing in Healthcare with Mailsac

In healthcare, email communication intersects with patient care and data security. The margin for error is virtually nonexistent. Mailsac’s SaaS platform offers a robust email delivery suite, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of healthcare IT security, compliance, and operational efficiency. Mailsac has been integrated into systems at many enterprises in the healthcare industry, and has been relied on 24/7 for email testing for over a decade.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Security Audits: Mailsac is built to pass IT department security audits, aligning with healthcare standards like HIPAA. Its infrastructure ensures patient data is safeguarded during email testing.

Data Privacy: With disposable email addresses, Mailsac supports testing that avoids exposing real patient information, maintaining privacy and compliance.

Collaborative Testing Environment

Unified Inbox: Devs and QAs can collaborate effectively using Mailsac’s unified inbox feature, which consolidates test emails from both persistent and temporary email accounts into a single view.

SSO Integration: Simplify access while enhancing security with Single Sign-On (SSO), allowing seamless integration into existing healthcare IT ecosystems.

Automated and Efficient Testing

CI/CD Integration: Mailsac’s API automates email tests within CI/CD pipelines, reducing manual effort and accelerating development cycles in fast-paced healthcare settings.

Scalable Solutions: Whether scaling up operations or integrating new services, Mailsac’s scalable platform adapts to the evolving needs of healthcare enterprises, ensuring email testing is never a bottleneck. There’s no need to manage server resources, deployments or upgrades.

Comprehensive Compatibility Testing

Device and Platform Coverage: Guarantee that critical communications are accessible across all devices and platforms used by healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Deliverability Assurance

Inbox Placement: Rigorous testing with Mailsac ensures healthcare emails achieve high deliverability, crucial for appointment reminders, test results, and other sensitive communications.

Optimizing Patient Communication

Email Optimization: Test and refine email content for clarity and engagement, ensuring messages to patients are both accessible and actionable.


For healthcare organizations, Mailsac offers a precision toolset for email testing — ensuring security, efficiency, and compliance while enhancing collaborative efforts between QA and development teams. Since 2012, Mailsac has practiced technical excellence and has helped hundreds of customers in healthcare manage their unique challenges.